Franz M. Herzog

Artistic Director

born in 1962, he studied choral conducting and composition. As artistic director of the chamber choir Vocalforum Graz and the Styrian regional youth choir Cantanima (2004-2013) he achieved numerous international successes. In 2011 he founded the Gospel & Jazz Choir at the Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory Graz.
Herzog is internationally active as a conductor, composer and lecturer for choral conducting. He is currently the director of the choral conducting course at the Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory. He was also one of the artistic directors of the 5th World Choir Games in 2008 and the World Choir Championships in 2011.

I want to create interesting and unusual programs with new, exciting literature.

His Ave, maris stella received 2nd place at the International AGEC Composition Award “Goldene Stimmgabel” 2010. Numerous works are published by the Helbling publishing house. For his achievements he received the Würdigungspreis of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research.
2012 -2015 Herzog was artistic director of the Chorverband Österreich / Austrian Choral Association. 2015 Foundation and artistic direction of the Jugendchor Österreich (JCÖ) – Austrian National Youth Choir. Since 2014 Herzog is artistic director of the festival “Voices of Spirit”.

For me, conducting a choir means achieving a high quality of sound without pressure.

Inerview with Franz M. Herzog